About the Author

Meet, PaaKojo N. Adjei-larbi, the man behind the text.

I am to most people, an impossibly optimistic person. Now, don’t start laughing yet as you will see it come to bear in my writings. I am an entrepreneur at heart with a few ventures that have seen the light of day and others that died so quickly it is impossible to remember if I started it at all. I presently own and run ehjuma Inc, a professional relationship development platform with several core services, counsel students on vocation, life after school and the choices involved.

Growing up was an amazing experience in that I got to live constantly on the move under different circumstances. My perception of the nation as a whole is through a variety of lenses but I consistently choose to look at life and opportunity in Ghana as an up and up.

my experiences growing up has been a totally exciting journey and sharing it brings comfort to a large following and to myself especially, seeing how much hope and confidence I leave behind each time. My story is definitely not cliché’ but rather an ongoing story of entrepreneurial challenge. I have written for several magazines including step magazine and uneek magazine.

My focus here is to seek out and expose all possible opportunities and strategies within our economic setting, to make them work, with no prejudices to current fads. After all, the strategies for success have been basically the same since beginning of time. I will do my very best to focus on the positives of the ideologies I write on and deal with the challenges.

You will be able to tell in my writings that I am deeply rooted family person and I uphold the principle’s reliability, as it is what you need to stand out and succeed.

Enjoy reading my blog, commenting and when you can, drop me an email at paakojo@ehjuma.com and I will be more than happy to get back to you.