naneba, a mother’s pride. Finding opportunity within Crises

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The modern African mother is tasked with so much responsibility which can make the simple everyday tasks seem overly tedious. Also with the amount of information online about childcare and all the others we are getting from our own mothers and aunties, it may seem overwhelming and very confusing, especially when the information tends to conflict. Even the challenges with regards to products to choose for a new baby can be tough, in short, as much of a joy as motherhood is, the new African mother is wrought with so many small worries, it can make the joys of motherhood seem like a myth to some of them.

Naneba, is the story of how a young mother, needing some basic services to support her baby and herself and looking for advice on so many different stages of the childcare process, decided to build a service that would do same for herself and for other young mothers. She started her solely Ghanaian owned startup focused on providing simple services for mothers across the country to make their work every bit as easy and simple as it can be. As a service, Naneba started in December 2014 purely as a diaper wholesale service but over the last year, it has grown into a full service for mothers, new mothers, expecting mothers and babies with even some services targeting new fathers, just to make parenting a whole lot easier for today’s parent. Naneba started out of a mothers need to be able to get consumables for baby care at a good price and with convenience. Now it offers several services and i am excited to share with you her strategy in building a business from her living room.

Home Shop – In the very beginning, Tabby, started to retail diapers just because she could get free diapers forbabystar-1 her child. But overtime the opportunity to wholesale to market women and mother care shops presented itself, and she went right ahead, stocking up larger quantities and a wholesale supply chain for other women looking to start a business. She has built relationships with other suppliers and now does wipes and other general items for mothers.

Digital Store – She has setup digital store for baby produce and gift items through web logoa Facebook page and a website offering retail items also. The digital store is growing at a great rate as she learns to work with other stakeholders to build a delivery system that is convenient for her customers.

SMS Service – she has procured a partnership with MTN to offer tips and advice to new parents on how to handle their children and them selves, before, during and immediately after birth via SMS. This service in smsparticular is what she is most excited about as she can now assist millions of women nationwide with advice on handling themselves and their children from accredited sources thereby reducing the stress and confusion of most new parents when dealing with their children. All of this information is also available on their website which also gives you advice month on month as your baby grows and develops.

Gifts & Toys – In addition, Naneba also provides gift hampers for babies and new mums. Especially for persons who need to buy a gift for a new mum and can not figure out what to get them or what is appropriate, no need to worry  anymore. Naneba has the perfect solution to cater for all this. Our gift hampers are designed to bring quality at a reasonable cost. Providing gift items not just for baby but for mother too. We have packages for baby showers and for christenings as well.jumbo for baby

According to Tabby, the CEO of Naneba, Her belief is that motherhood should be embraced by all women and mothers should throw away the stress and pain of pregnancy, having to share all your time and sleep with your baby but to replace those with the sweet memories that motherhood comes with. Her set up is to provide mothers and expecting mothers with all the essentials needed. Naneba is there to make motherhood lively and easy.

you can find out more about naneba on their website at or their social media pages at , and or call them on 0201263403 and order what you need for your baby today. you can subscribe to the sms service by texting baby to 4000 on MTN only. Your subscription message qualifies you for up to 20% discount on selected goods and services.

This is great motivation, to identify a need and turn it into a service. Share your thoughts with me on this service or another service that you would like to start or expand in the comments below or send me an email at

shalom and have a blessed weekend.

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