Free Startup Capital – Crowdfunding explained

12th February, 2016 8 Comments

What is CrowdFunding? Crowdfunding is simple the method of raising capital through the ...

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You are not entrepreneur material

10th September, 2014 5 Comments

Yes it’s true…you really do not have the character traits to be an entrepreneur at ...

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Problem solving, the story of ehjuma SMS

21st August, 2014 2 Comments

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. Yes I am sure you’ve come across this ph...

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The magic of working from home and making it work

07th July, 2014 4 Comments

It’s simple. I love working from the comfort of my home. Yes I know. It is very diffi...

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The chop bar dream

02nd June, 2014 4 Comments

It’s lunch time and you have barely an hour to find that fufu you’ve been cravi...

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