Should I get a partner? 6 Things to note in choosing a partner.

20th April, 2016 2 Comments

Partnerships in business can be tricky. Frankly, most partnerships fail. However, the o...

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Free Startup Capital – Crowdfunding explained

12th February, 2016 8 Comments

What is CrowdFunding? Crowdfunding is simple the method of raising capital through the ...

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Mentors, the entrepreneur’s secret weapon

29th December, 2015 1 Comment

You need a good idea. Startup cash can make a real difference. Business experience and ...

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Going Back to School: My E4IMPACT Experience

17th November, 2015 No Comments

I really didn’t think I would go back to school anytime soon, but then I started to s...

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5 Collaboration tools key to the success of The Ghanaian Entrepreneur

28th September, 2015 3 Comments

Collaboration is the heartbeat of any successful organization. It wouldn’t be a stret...

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What a small business owner needs to become an entrepreneur

01st October, 2014 10 Comments

So I said the last time that you really weren’t built as an entrepreneur and a few ot...

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You are not entrepreneur material

10th September, 2014 5 Comments

Yes it’s true…you really do not have the character traits to be an entrepreneur at ...

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Dumsor, an entrepreneurial opportunity

17th June, 2014 9 Comments

We are a generation that thrive on having electricity constantly, yet for the past deca...

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