whats next after graduation? the ehjuma Graduate Internship Program opportunity

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Fresh graduates and unemployed graduates have the rare opportunity of gaining six months job experience in their specific area of studies. In partnership with several business owners and employers, the graduate internship program is aimed at individuals who, having finish their university education and national service, are idling at home; without much activity. The internship runs from 5th December 2016 to 3rd June 2017; a period of six months where young people can acquire relevant job experience. Registration starts from the 10th of October through to the 15th of November. Prospects are required to download and print a form available on the company website, ehjuma.com. The completed form in addition to all relevant document are to be submitted to ehjuma office, during working hours. Applicants will be scheduled for interview and preliminary background checks with ehjuma. This according to the organizer of the project, is to screen for the worthiness of the applicants; also this is to assess the applicant’s skills and strength to appropriately place applicant where they would be most need.
Qualified applicants will receiving placement letter prior to the start of their internship period.

Interested individuals can visit the company website to apply for an opportunity here: website 
indexuIn an era where jobs are hard to come by, organizations are no longer opened to the idea of training the fresh graduates to gain the necessary experience that is so needed and requested by employers. This is owing to the notion that, given such opportunities, graduates tend to linger on in the organization, with desperation, hoping to be absorbed into the work force. This makes the timing of the launch of ehjuma’s “Graduate Internship Program” a novelty in a decanted and destitute job market.

The graduate internship program is unique in its own merits. It offers plausible career transitions chances. Graduates who wish to divert their career path have the means to test the waters or assess how they might fare in their new career path. Along with these alternatives, ehjuma promises skills development offers to prospects who are least confident in their skills set.
“It is a program that will build the confidence of these graduates” said Mr. Adjei-Larbi, ED of ehjuma. Graduate unemployment is not peculiar to Ghana. It has been the caucus of G8 countries on how to mitigate the migration crisis in the Mediterranean where several African citizens have lost their lives. The discussion is more heated within the political polity in Ghana, aggravated by the upcoming general election in December this year. Graduates have, therefore, been offered this opportunity to further their goals and gain relevant on-the-job experience that has the potential of enriching their portfolio. 

The program has accreditation and endorsement from key stakeholders and relevant authorities.
ehjuma is the solution oriented firm that relies on innovative workforce solution, recognized across the country. ehjuma has been connecting companies in Ghana with top talents and qualified personnel, in addition, building winning teams for organizations.
With over five years experience in talent management, ehjuma has position itself among the leading recruitment agencies of enviable repute.


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